application (plural applications)

  1. The act of applying or laying on, in a literal sense; as, the application of emollients to a diseased limb.
  2. The thing applied.
    He invented a new application by which blood might be stanched. --Johnson.
  3. The act of applying as a means; the employment of means to accomplish an end; specific use.
    If a right course . . . be taken with children, there will not be much need of the application of the common rewards and punishments. --Locke.
  4. The act of directing or referring something to a particular case, to discover or illustrate agreement or disagreement, fitness, or correspondence; as, I make the remark, and leave you to make the application; the application of a theory.
  5. A computer program; the set of software that the end-user perceives as a single entity as a tool for a well-defined purpose.

11 letters in word "application": A A C I I L N O P P T.

No anagrams for application found in this word list.

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